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Mobikyo Directors

Lawrence Cosh-Ishii
As founding partner of Wireless Watch Japan in 2001, 'Lars' has developed a strong understanding of Japan's mobile industry and has interviewed carriers, handset makers and many content, service and application providers as well as numerous mobile thought leaders. Based in Tokyo, he has provided logistics for Mobile Intelligence missions since 2003 and is the co-founder of MobileMonday Tokyo. He is often quoted by overseas media, speaks at industry conferences and is a frequent contact point for visiting executives.  In 1998 he founded Inc., an Authorized Microsoft Media Service Provider, and is experienced in the production and distribution of Internet video including shooting, editing, compression and video encoding techniques.

Daniel Scuka
Originally from Toronto, Daniel moved to Tokyo in 1994, where he initially freelanced as a patent engineer and later worked for Fuji Xerox. In 1999, he joined the editorial staff of J@pan Inc magazine, where he covered wireless business and technology, entrepreneurship, tech ventures, and Internet-related issues. Since October 2001 he has worked freelance, writing for J@pan Inc magazine and publications in the US, the UK, and elsewhere. Daniel has appeared on the BBC, is regularly quoted by other main-stream media, and he co-authored the "i-Mode Developer's Guide" released by Addison Wesley Professional in April 2002. He has taught mobile marketing at the International University of Japan, has worked as a freelance researcher and analyst for several consulting and market data companies in Japan, the UK, and Canada, and is a frequent speaker at industry-related events. Daniel launched the Wireless Watch Japan weekly newsletter in March 2001, and since August 2003, he has been based near Frankfurt.

Mobikyo publishes the Wireless Watch Japan media project, organizes MobileMonday Tokyo networking events, operates Mobile Intelligence guided missions and provides custom related consulting services.

Mobikyo's founding directors are deeply connected with, respected by, and committed to, Japan's wireless and IT business community. Thousands of managers, planners, engineers and strategists depend on Mobikyo to learn about Japan's unique mobile business models, technologies, contents, services, applications and hardware.

"Mobikyo" was chosen for the unique blending of Mobile and Tokyo. However, depending on the kanji character used for kyo, it could also mean association, capital, religion or today. With fantastic support from our clients, partners and affiliates in Japan and overseas, we have become the trusted source of independent mobile market intelligence and wireless business networking connections based in Tokyo.