Mobile Intelligence Japan: Face-to-Face in Tokyo, 12-17 Nov 2006

Tokyo, Japan, October 10, 2006 -- Mobikyo K.K. will operate the next "Mobile Intelligence Japan" mission to Tokyo, 12-17 November 2006. The highly successful MIJ program, now in its forth year, provides a valuable and in-depth guided mission to Japan's mobile ecosystem companies, including technology and application developers, content providers and mobile service companies.

MIJ is a professionally guided mission comprising a 5-1/2-day program to see and experience the newest 3G and 3.5G technologies and meet the thought leaders and innovators powering Japan's Wireless Revolution.

The week-long programme is planned by the editorial staff at Wireless Watch Japan and is based on direct experience of the people, companies, technologies and business models deep within Japan's mobile ecosystem; MIJ provides market intelligence, personal connections and actionable lessons for business managers at all levels.

Japan's third-generation (3G) services have won over 57 million mobile customers who are actively using QR bar-code readers, e-wallet-based m-commerce, mobile TV and radio, full-length CD-quality music downloads, satellite streaming, avatars, enhanced messaging and many other mobile services developed and commercialized by leading-edge Japanese carriers and their technology partners in this country's winner-takes-all mobile industry. 

"The November MIJ falls at a particularly interesting time, as SoftBank Mobile has just taken over the old Vodafone Japan, and mobile number portability hits the market at end-October. The carriers are locked in deep competition and the winning 3G services, whether music, social networking, or mobile financial services - or something entirely different - are just as likely to be successful in Europe or the Americas as 3G in those markets catches up," said Daniel Scuka, chief editor at Wireless Watch Japan.

In addition, new 3G licensees are now entering the market, and flat-rate voice and data tariffs, new-to-the-market Smartphone devices from Europe and mobile VoIP, among other disrupters, are remaking Japan's cutting-edge market.

MIJ participants meet the companies, talk to the experts and observe the technologies and services making 3G happen and is the best way to understand the mobile Internet ecosystem and extract success factors and business opportunities applicable to markets in Europe, Asia, the US and elsewhere. MIJ consists of expert presentations, on-site discussions, technology demonstrations, show-room visits, insider networking and intense business model analysis. 

The November 2006 MIJ mission is themed on advanced networks, devices and applications and is scheduled to include:

* Enhanced local-user and mobile application demonstrations
* Visits to carriers, terminal makers, content providers and tech. vendors
* Guided tour of Designing Studio, the coolest mobile showroom on Earth
* Evening dinners with industry, academics, and analysts/media
* Networking event at Mobile Monday (MoMo) Tokyo

The MIJ mission fee is 3,500 Euro per person and includes full program participation, in-town transportation, networking dinners, joining instructions, assistance with planning flight & hotel, 6-month subscription to Wireless Watch Japan and lifelong lessons and personal connections that will significantly improve your competitiveness in mobile markets anywhere!

For additional information, executive summary, registration and terms and conditions, access the MIJ website at:

About Mobikyo K.K.
Based in central Tokyo, Mobikyo's core business is the production and dissemination of media content, market intelligence and network contacts for those seeking to establish, expand or strengthen their partnerships and commercial relations with Japan's wireless and IT industries. The company publishes Wireless Watch Japan, organizes MobileMonday Tokyo networking events, operates Mobile Intelligence guided missions and provides various related custom research and consulting services.