Mobikyo Opens Mobile Monday Tokyo Community Website

Tokyo, Japan, 27 May, 2005 -- Mobikyo K.K. is pleased to announce the launch of the company's Mobile Monday (MoMo) Tokyo website, located at Mobile Monday Tokyo is set to become Japan's leading venue for networking, professional exchange and business development for the wireless industry. The open MoMo community promotes discussion, dissemination of new ideas, exchange of opinion and industry-wide contact-making; MoMo also fosters cooperation and partnership between companies, individuals and teams. Significantly, members meet not only in person at monthly events, but also online through the site, as part of a full-time global community.

MoMo also promotes exchange and contact between Japan's mobile industry and foreign companies and markets, and offers opportunities for members to meet their counterparts from other countries. MoMo Tokyo's working languages are English and Japanese, enabling as wide a range of professionals as possible to attend and participate. A particular feature of Mobile Monday Tokyo is the chance for investors and others in the venture support field to meet with new and emerging companies and keen individuals with bright ideas seeking advice, capital or technology.

"We are just delighted to have the site up and open for networking, MoMo Tokyo's aim is to help build connections, particularly between mobile businesses overseas and those in Japan. This site is a great addition to the 8-month-old series of Mobile Monday Tokyo networking events. Before, there was no dedicated platform where participants could meet online; now there is," said Daniel Scuka, director of Mobikyo K.K. "The aim of the new domain is to provide a online forum where participants can connect, network, communicate, share and inspire each other, it is the central information point for all MoMo Tokyo activities including our popular headline networking events."

Mobile Monday networking groups have been established in major cities worldwide, and MoMo Tokyo held its first event in September 2004.

Mobikyo manages Mobile Monday on a strict brand- and technology-agnostic, open-platform basis. Mobikyo invites the guest speakers, confirms the venue, provides the Emcee, arranges funding and promotes the monthly meetings.

Mobile Monday Tokyo events are made possible through the sponsorship of forward-looking companies that understand the power of networking and the benefits of supporting meetings that enable businesses. The MoMo meetings take place at popular venues in central Tokyo, for each event, a limited number of sponsors are enlisted to cover location costs. Sponsors are included in all MoMo marketing activities including email and Web campaigns and are provided an opportunity to address the audience at each live event.

For more information on membership demographics, marketing benefits and promotional opportunities, access the site at:

About Mobikyo K.K.
Based in central Tokyo, Mobikyo's core business is the production and dissemination of media content, market intelligence and network contacts for those seeking to establish, expand or strengthen their partnerships and commercial relations with Japan's wireless and IT industries. The company publishes Wireless Watch Japan, organizes MobileMonday Tokyo networking events, operates Mobile Intelligence guided missions and provides various related custom research and consulting services.